Encouragement and Love

Ayuntamiento de Santiago de Cuba, situado en el Casco Histórico de la ciudad fundada por Diego Velásquez en 1515. 24 DE DICIEMBRE DE 2018/Miguel RUBIERA JUSTIZ

Santiago de Cuba, february 5th.- Santiago de Cuba is a city that encourages you and makes you fall in love. It catches your sight from the first moment. That is true for natives and for the ones who visit it due to its architectural beauty, historical values and its heritage that harmonizes with its modernity. However, it is specially appreciated due to the idiosyncrasy of its generous and honest people.

That same people is aware of the fact that living in a clean, organized, hygienic, disciplined and beautiful city is a great pleasure that can be a gift for us every single day. That way, we can build a better existence for everyone around us. That is real specially for a city such as Santiago de Cuba. It has had a special prominence in the history of the nation. Therefore, cleanliness must reign in the town.

Cities are also great when they have a healthy spirit. Besides, its citizens must be full of polite expressions, good manners and decency. Those are attributes that were taught by our parents and grandparents and they must be rescued in this current society.

Centuries ago, José Martí anticipated it when he expressed: “(…) a city is guilty as long as it is not a school” and “(…)life without courtesy is bitterer than cassia bark and broom (…)”.

That indicates that we can not remain detached from those who do not take care of public adornment, monuments and parks and throw garbage in the streets and other inappropriate places. Therefore, they become accomplice of ugliness, lack of hygiene and social disturbance.

Those who live here and love the city as our big home with an everlasting sense of belonging must be proud of the glory that this city has brought to the country. In that same sense, we must be consistent with the government effort to keep it organized and clean as a heroic and hospitable city.

Santiago de Cuba has been greatly praised. I always remember the praises from people who have caused the city to be greater with their gifts and work. That is the case of Wilkie Delgado Correa, PHD in Medical Sciences, Professor and Consultant, Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Stomatology in the University of Medical Sciences. He is also a writer, journalist, man of deep thoughts and a solid militancy with numerous awards to its works. He said:

“Besides land and special humanity of cubanía, Santiago is a breath and a spirit of indomitable rebelliousness that breaks when it is needed to push heroism and brings feats to the history of our nation. At the same time, it lives with the philosophy of creating things out of nothing, little and a lot, the reasons to build and invent a shared happiness with all the countrymen and other peoples.”

Eloína Miyares Bermúdez, eminent teacher and researcher of the Center of Applied Linguistics, with a consecrated life to enhance the language culture, Doctorate Honoris Causa from Universidad de Oriente, worthy of the City´s Coat of Arms, WorkHeroine of the Republic of Cuba expressed:

“Santiago de Cuba is my life. I have travelled, but to be in my city makes me wish living and fulfilling my dreams. I love everything related to Santiago: its landscapes, its children, its baseball players, artists, its extraordinary history, the people´s personality, their joy and personal communication. To be a citizen from this city and the praises I have received from my work encourages me to live, to create here.  ”

The Master´s Degree Miguel Ángel Gaínza Chacón, shrewd  journalist, always looking for the best news and interviews, capable of managing every topic with the same competence, Journalism Award Gloria Cuadras and Work of a Lifetime Mariano Corona Ferrer, Vanguard of the Culture Labor Union and a lover of the city said:

“I do not have beautiful words to express myself.  I can just say that when I need to strengthen my spirit I walk Santiago´s streets, here I feel I can breathe in a better way.”

“Santiago is similar to a beautiful woman, magnificent due to its undulating streets and its balconies with the guitars. My city is my pride, my existence, my breath. My people help me to live even though they do not know it. They are not aware of their luck of being spontaneous and supportive friends and they have a unique way of stealing other people´s heart.”

By Aida Quintero Dip

Translated by Ileana Rivera Salazar

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