Homage to Fidel

Foto de Juventud Rebelde

Santiago de Cuba, 10th.-Since I was little, I was a witness of the way my parents admired a man of a rebellious attitude and a bold speech. I was told he had a severe expression and a thick beard. He was always wearing a green suit as a symbol of his commitment with something they called Revolution…that was an incomprehensible term for me at 8 years old.

Time went by and I recognized that man in a day of January. That was in 1993. Cuba was going through a difficult economic crisis that was threatening to crush the people´s endurance. But, he was there. He was standing in the rostrum. He dispelled doubts, destroyed fears, and broke plots. His words brought peace and hope to the hearts.

I saw a man who conveyed a tremendous energy. He caused the Earth to shake with the intensity of his arguments. Then, as my parents, I gave him all my admiration.

As I grew up, that man was leading the development of my country. I knew more about him, I learned from him, I trusted in him. I started to look at him as a close friend. I could see his omnipresent figure in our daily life. I convinced myself that even though I did not have the chance to see him face to face, we had a strong tie.

By judging his attitude, I realized that he was a true enemy of falsehood and the most tireless defender of justice. He was a stubborn researcher of reason and an impatient critic of mediocrity. He considered wealth as nothing and he was in favor of spiritual greatness.

I understood that his entire life was consecrated to a term that is no longer unknown for me, that is the Revolution. That man is Fidel Castro Ruz. Although there was a time I used to think his boldness and vitality had gone with the years, I never realized his mortal condition.

I am sure that many Cubans just like me still remember with shock the death of the Commander. That is especially true this January that we are celebrating 60 years of the Triumph of the Revolution. That day,a bearded army with him as a leader took control over Santiago´ streets and brought freedom to Cuba.

In this time of the year, I am filled with an unusual pride. I have the privilege of living in Fidel´s Cuba. He was a man that did not want to be immortal, however he conquered immortality.

By: Laritza Moya Rodríguez.

Translated by: Ileana Rivera Salazar

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