José Martí and the new Constitution

Santiago de Cuba, February 9th.- The National Hero José Martí continues touching hearts and motivating the most beautiful and altruistic actions to build a Cuba with all and for the good of all. This Cuba must cultivate the use of virtue and contribute to a better world. That world is definitely possible for the sake of the humanity.

For that reason, the spirit of the Apostle is present in every letter, statement and chapter of the new Constitution. This legislation follows essentially Martí´s and Fidel´s ideas.The Commander in Chief and the founder of the Revolution led his people to the fulfillment of Martí´s ideas.

The work and ideas of the most universal Cuban is present also in schools, universities, events, exchanges. Moreover, it is there in workers, teachers, Scientifics. They have the supreme interest of making theirs his wisdom. However, they know for sure that it will only be useful if it is used in favor of the collective work, as he wanted.

The people are inspired to perfect its inheritance from the best sons and daughters of Cuba from Carlos Manuel de Céspedes to Fidel Castro. Fidel,the best Apostle´s disciple caused his dreams to come true: “I want the fundamental law of our Republic to be the tribute of Cubans to the full dignity of man”.

 In the document´s preamble appears that quote by the Apostle. Abel Pietro, President of José Martí Cultural Society expressed to Cubadebate: “Respect to human dignity as José Martí asked for, is present in the Constitution´page which is deeply follower of his ideas.”

Likewise, he highlighted that “the National Hero would have been proud of the fact that after some many years of his death in Dos Ríos, this country builds together. This process is one of the most beautiful and stimulating things you could ever see. People are studying. They have become constituent.”

Habana´s historian Eusebio Leal stated in the recent closing ceremony of the IV World´s Balance International Conference that Martí calls us to fight in favor of social justice, equality and full and absolute women dignity.

He also referred to the fact that the new Constitution that will go to a referendum next February 24th has Martí´s thinking in it. He wasthecreator of a nationalconscience.

If we intend to live and create a free and prosperous nation, with the same economic system based on the people´s socialist ownership of the fundamental means of production, as the Constitution reads, we are taking as a reference and assuming statements and the teaching legacy of the Apostle. That was the opinion of Santiago´s historian Francis Velázquez.

The hope of a better fate for Cubans is stronger with the Constitution. It reinforces the leadership of the only, Martí´s and Fidel´s ideas follower Party. It is guarantor of the socialist country. It is the organized forefront that is sustained in its democratic nature and its permanent tie with the people.

José Martí´s ideas are beating in the Constitution that gives a bigger respect to human beings. This man created the Cuban Revolutionary Party. He organized the Necessary War. He worked in favor of unity. Finally, he died in Dos Ríos with the purpose of giving Cuba the precious treasure of independence.

This is a legislation that is founded and sustained in the unity as the only way to move forward and to reach Cuba´s bright future. That is a way to honor Martí, who made reference to the need of “uniting everything useful and alive”.

By: Aída Quintero Dip.

Translated by: Ileana Rivera Salazar

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