Santiago de Cuba goes for the economic efficiency

Santiago de Cuba, February 8th.- Santiago´s citizens are called to have a better efficiency in the economic management. That is a need in the current conditions. The main authorities of the Communist party and the government are in favor of that as well.

In order to reach this goal, some alternatives have been implemented in our province. Madelaine Cortés, Vice-president of the Economy Sector in the province explained that last fact. She also clarified some important aspects about the performance of the economic-social plan during 2018.

“Macroeconomic indicators were kept with the closure in Santiago de Cuba in 2018. However, in order not to decline in the future, we must maintain the control over the different indicators in all the corporations. The outcomes of the trade sector have been specially supervised. It is the main income generator for budgets, supervision and exhaustive control of resources.”

The authority also referred to the efforts to achieve a better efficiency in the economic management.

“The strategy has three main elements in 2019. First of all: to drop imports. Secondly: to increase exports and to diversify the exportable sector. Lastly: to direct in a smart and intentional way the investments to spheres that show potential for its development. These strategies will allow us to reach our goals.”

Santiago de Cuba is no longer part since 2018 of the list of loss-making provinces. Today, it does not consume the total amount of its incomes. That produces a surplus. That is the balancebetween incomes and expenses which gives us the challenge of a better management. That will be the main goal for 2019. We are aware of the fact that prosperity and development are submitted to control, productivity and essential sustainability.

By: Laritza Moya Rodríguez.

Translated by: Ileana Rivera Salazar.

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