Santiago de Cuba going for better economic outcomes

Santiago de Cuba, January 28th.- Actions are being taken in Santiago de Cuba to answer the calling of the Communist Party and the Cuban government to achieve a bigger efficiency in the economy.

The best options were discussed with representatives of the people last January 20th in the ninth ordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of People´s Power. These options should allow us to move forward to productivity and development by eradicating deficiencies and looking for practical solutions.

“Santiago de Cuba ends this year with satisfactory outcomes in the core indicators. We have an increase of a 1.5 % in the net sales and an increment in relation to the same period last year. ” This was to the opinion given by Elvis Virginia SaldívarChacón, Economy and Planning Director of the Municipality of Santiago de Cuba when talking about the social and economic indicators performance of the municipality by the end of 2018.

  • Which entities of the territory stood out in 2018?

“Several institutions of the territory stood out in 2018 which can be appreciated due to its economic growth. Some of the leading ones are: Industry, Energy and Mining Ministry, Food Industry, Building, Agriculture, Communications and Tourism. All of them met the needs of the population. Some others entities did not achieve their goals.”

  • Which are these entities? Why they did not achieve their goals?

 “The province subsidiary of the Ministry of Domestic Trade failed to meet sales. This led to the breach of net and gross sales in the trade and gastronomy sector. This last aspect had an unfavorable impact on the commercial movement.”

The authority also expressed that some of the causes of this situation were:

“There was not a timely provision of some important resources. When the entities in charge of supplying these resources failed in their purpose, these situations appear.  This affects mainly the commerce sector. For that reason there was a breach of high demand goods such as:eggs, beans, bread and sweets.”

“Other affected productions were blankets for the floor and calcareous sand. This last production led to a breach in the Building Industry. Therefore, it is an urgency to eliminate this deficiency because a failure leads to others.”

By keeping these challenges in mind, the Municipal Assembly of People´s Power also discussed the proposal of the Economic and Social Plan and the Budget for 2019. Leodanis Ramos, Municipal Director of Finances and Prices said:

Leodanis Ramos, Municipal Director of Finances and Prices

“The budget for Santiago de Cuba guaranties 659 million pesos, 80% of it, it is going to pay the expenses of budgeted units which represent 528 million pesos. The biggest financial items are focus on the State prioritized sectors: education, public health, social care and other sociocultural activities. 72% of the amount of the municipality collections will be used on it.  ”

  • Could you mention some other fundamental activities that will use the budget of the territory this year?

“The budget will use 9.2 million pesos to build houses specially to solve the expenses of preservation and rehabilitation of the housing stock. The activity of Communal Services will have more than 62 million pesos.”

Some strategies to make of the year 2019 a year of economic efficiency:

“We are committed to have a bigger discipline in the observance of the contributions to the State Budget regarding legal and natural people. It is fundamental to manage in an effective way the payment of the tax obligations by using the established legal mechanism a quick and accurate manner. It is also important to make sure of the quality in the extensive controls mainly in the commerce sector which is one of the best contributors to the budget.”

Energy saving, the improvement of the exhaustive planning and control system are a necessity to make of the development plan of the municipality of Santiago de Cuba a real and capable to be fulfilled one. Our city like the rest of the country wants to win the economic battle today in order to have better life conditions for our people and the so wanted prosperity.

By: Laritza Moya Rodríguez.

Translated by: Ileana Rivera Salazar.

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