Solidarity: “…a heroic virtue ”

Santiago de Cuba, February 21 st.- Cuba treasures a rich tradition of solidarity as one of the most generous and necessary virtues of the human being. It has been present since our Independence Wars. It carries a wonderful legacy to the new generations.

One of its most powerful expressions nowadays is the collaboration missions of the Health Sector all over the world. They identify themselves as the white coat army that brings welfare and life. They work in an unselfish and professional way.

The word “solidarity” possesses its own magic and is able to move to world through will, policies and movements. It has power by uniting forces. That was the case of the Cuban people fighting to release the Five Heroes that were imprisoned in the United States due to their struggle against terrorism.

José Martí anticipated himself to times, phenomena and practices and expressed: “It is a heroic virtue not to want everything for yourself and depriving oneself of something so that everyone can share the same part”.

When meditating in that quote, we are likely to think that solidarity has lots of obstacles in our daily life. We are called to share not only our leftovers but all that we have.

There is a need to educate our families, especially our children and grandchildren so that they can banish selfish actions and personal ambitions from their lives. Otherwise, the true dimension of the human being will be reduced to nothing and big social projects will be damaged.

Solidarity gives an idea of unity, cohesion, collaboration. Its practice is tied to a universal feeling which is love.

To be a caring person is to be generous, merciful and kind. It is to give back attitudes and actions that will contribute to the spiritual greatness and our influence in other people´s life.

To educate children, teenagers and the youth in that feeling is a responsibility and it is a need of the family and the school. That way, we will cause every generation to have a comprehensive formation and the most authentic values that strengthen our society foundations will be preserved.

However, there are some problems in our society regarding this matter. For example, neighbors sometimes sell their tree´ fruits instead of sharing it with others as they used to do in the past. People also turn their back to others instead of helping them in a difficult situation.

Other wrong attitudes are seen in public places. Sometimes, we do not offer our seats in the bus or our position in the line to a pregnant woman or an old one. It shows a lack of politeness and kindness.

This is definitely not a critic to others. We long for a bigger sensitivity and understanding to our own problems. That way, we will be able to have solutions that are in our hands to preserve sacred values that are more valuable than money.

Solidarity is a virtue contrary to selfishness. It goes beyond all the spheres: political, religious, cultural. It is called to encourage true changes in favor of individuals and nations.

This is a valuable feeling in a society as the Cuban one that was built after the Triumph of the Revolution. It should be promoted here in order to set values and principles that are in favor of an edifying life from our homes.

By Aída Quintero Dip

Translated by Ileana Rivera Salazar

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