The story of everybody

Santiago de Cuba, January 30th.- To know who we are, helps us to define where we are going. In a few days, when ratifying the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, we will have to remember our identity and the path that has led us here.

This article could be about the man who conquered our freedom, the one who led us as a good captain for more than 50 years. However, as he himself taught us, this work was possible due to the collaboration of everybody.

For that reason, I prefer to tell the story of a country which challenged giants and one day said: No more! And it walked.

This is a story that came out of peasant feet sown in the furrow and horny hands that blossomed after the Agrarian Reform. This is the story of a Brigadier who goes to flat and mountainous lands spreading the light of knowledge. The story has also a collaborator in distant lands who is reading a letter from his beloved one with the same excitement than the one who years ago in Angola used to read letters from his mother.

This is the story of a woman who went out of her house with the decision of looking for, creating, building and owning her own destiny. Moreover, the shoemaker´s son became a doctor and is going to other countries to give health to others. The mestizo is not a manual worker anymore and now works in a science laboratory. The seamstress wants her baby to be a lawyer. The professor is proud of her hairdresser wife. The blonde man walks with no prejudice next to his mulata.

It is also the story of the blind person with a published book under his arm. The Olympic medalist has no arm but has plenty courage. A men who is at the same time Catholic and member of the Communist Party and he is in charge of an institution. An air traffic controller is fixing a pair of sneakers. The sweeper knows about Epidemiology. The police man after work helps his son to do his homework. The painter who is a Parliament deputy gives her seat in the bus to a man with his baby.

These paragraphs tell the story of a cook and a sports trainer. The housewife, the private worker, the town crier, the dentist, the trovador, the waitress, the combatant, the retired person, the mestizo who dances ballet and the white man who worships Yemayá can also be recognized here.

This is the story of everybody.

This is the story of a people that rode once on itself and reinvented itself showing as its flag its own heart, as the poet said.

This is the story of a country whose name is Fidel…Fidel is no longer a proper noun… it has become a country forever.

By: Laritza Moya Rodríguez.

Translated by: Ileana Rivera Salazar.

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