The warm friendship between Fidel and Gabriel García Márquez

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Santiago de Cuba, February 22nd.-A warm friendship always united the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and the famous Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez. This man wrote a touching article entitled “The Fidel I know”, that was created from the perspective of a sincere friend.

Depth and beauty distinguished the style of the recipient of the Nobel Prize of Literature. Therefore, Fidel is shown beyond the historical contribution of leading a Revolution bigger than ourselves very near the most powerful empire ever known. The virtues that captured García Márquez´s attention are the same learnt by others. 

In such a way, he highlighted in the Cuban leader “his devotion to words, his seduction power, invincible patience, very strict discipline. He tries to find the problems where they are.The inspiration impetus is part of his style. Imagination force takes him to unexpected things. The greatest encouragement in his life is the emotion for risks. He is the anti-dogmatic par excellence. ”

He also emphasized the attitude towards failure in the revolutionary during the fundamental days of the nation in the XX and XXI centuries. Because “even in the little things of his daily life he seems to obey his own logic. He does not even admit it and he does not have a quiet moment till he invert the terms and he turns it into victory. ”

There is not a big or a small project that he does not use his eternal passion in especially if he had to defy adversity. “He never seems to be in a better mood than in those circumstances. Someone who affirms to know him well said to him once: Things must be bad because you look great.”

His weirdest political virtue according to García Márquez is that ability of discerning the evolution of a fact even to its most remote consequences. He does not practice this skill as a way of enlightening but as a result of hard, bold reasoning and an exhaustive analysis searching for causes.

“He is the inspiration: the condition of dazzling and irresistible grace that is only denied for those who have not lived it.” Those are the writer´s words to refer to the Fidel who improvises in the rostrums. There he started to talk in an almost inaudible voice but he continued to win with his intelligence, charisma that seized the audience.

When Fidel used to talk to people in the streets, the dialogue had expressiveness and the frankness of the dearest affections. For that reason, they called him simply Fidel, as a close friend, a father, a brother. They hug him, they complain about something, they talk about their problems, they argue in a unique exchange where truth reigns.

“Then, the unusual human being is discovered, the one who is not easily seen due to the brightness of his own image. This is the Fidel Castro that I believe to know. He is a man of humble habits and insatiable illusions, with a formal and old fashioned education, with cautious words and soft manners and unable to conceive any idea that is not huge”. That was his friend García Márquez’s opinion.

Therefore, he dreamed of real things. For example, Cuban doctors creating saving medicines or the final medicine against cancer. He created a foreign policy of a major world power in an island a thousand times smaller than his potential enemy. That was without violating any principle with dignity and ethics as his flag.

That was simply Fidel. He was the first one in the fight, the first one to set an example. He was the one who stopped smoking in order to have moral authority to fight nicotine addiction. He had the conviction that moral encouragement rather than material one can definitely change the world and push forward history.

That was the man who attacked the Moncada Garrison, who landed in the Granma Yacht, who fought in the Sierra Maestra, who built a new nation with a proper vision of Latin America in the future. That was the same vision of Simón Bolívar and José Martí, a whole and autonomous community able to shine as dawn and move the world´s destiny.

“I know something for sure: wherever he is, how he is and who he is with, Fidel Castro is there to win”, said the famous Colombian writer in his touching article.

By Aída Quintero Dip

Translated by: Ileana Rivera Salazar

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