To promote discretion is a priceless task

Santiago de Cuba, February 23th.-Nowadays, there are plenty issues to deal with and lots of altruistic missions to devote to. However, there are also plenty of critical people. Those are theoneswho are questioningeverything. They always find something wrong in other people´s tasks and attitudes.

The most harmful aspect is that they do not examine themselves, their relatives or friends with the same measure. They only possess that long vision when looking into others.

That is been planted as a weed that is against good sense, prudence and caution. It is in favor of lack of discretion, talking about the neighbor behind his back in a very frequent way.

Any place is perfect to talk about the bodeguero who is always late, the butcher who sells the surplus to very high prices, the teacher that does not teach well, and the boss who did not assess correctly a problem but punish a worker that he does not like.

They talk also about the driver who did not stop his empty bus and ignored the people in the bus stop. The one who sells everything and at the same time needs everything but is never able to give.

Those are problems and irregularities which are not part of a fiction book but they are present in the society we are trying to build. For that reason, we need to attack them with courage in the right place and moment so that the message can be clear and have the desired effect.

Otherwise, we are not solving the problem. The same one that can be reflected when listening to unpleasant comments about the workmate, the boss, friend and even relatives.

These comments should be talked about in a work group or home context. Nevertheless, they are discussed in a pickup truck, the building stairs, the bread line, halls in the workplace. They say whatever they want but the person they are talking about is not there.

That habit can even damage the Revolution. That is especially true when people refer to a leader´s performance without knowing its cause, without being neither objective nor realistic in most cases.

It indicates that there is plenty of time to question and criticize others. For that reason, we should have time also to stop the progress of such a harmful habit.

The worst and most difficult thing is that it is not possible to find out the intention of this practice. There is not a notable goal that allows us to find the problem´s solution. It is just about gossiping.

We should ask ourselves if this performance does not harm people´s tasks. This is the time to work in a good way focusing on discipline, efficiency, quality and productivity.

It can be appreciated the fact that discretion is almost becoming extinctive. Even though it seems to be a simple issue, it is not. This is a virtue that has always been defended and respected by the Revolution.

We live in a time in which authorities say a happy coexistence is urgent. It can be achieved with a good communication with no place for offense, aggressiveness but a place for clarity in the message based on respect.

If you want to talk about others, there are plenty of good reasons to focus on. There is nothing better than appreciating other people´s contributions and virtues. To compliment our colleagues, subordinates or superiors is not a flattering fact but a greatness one.

By Aída Quintero Dip.

Translated by Ileana Rivera Salazar.

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