Torches Demonstration to honor the Apostle

Santiago de Cuba, January 28th.- José Martí is still the Cuban hero who keeps calling us to preserve our history, his work and ideas in our land. He is the one who call us to commit ourselves and to have good works in favor of others .This is the country he dreamed of and the one which continues to stand up due to the effort of the Cubans.

The new generations will arise with his legacy as their flag. They will continue to make their own future with the best revolutionary contributions of the ones who came before them in this beautiful path of creating a new Cuba,” with all and for the good of all.”

These new generations will turn next Sunday evening into a day with the fire of the Torches Demonstration all over the country to honor the national Hero José Martí.

They will wait for the Monday arrival with the same passion they show towards work, studies and the defense of the country. Their goal will be to honor the Apostle in the 166 Anniversary of his birth. They will have the motto: “I keep in my heart the doctrines of the Teacher”.

These words were expressed by Fidel Castro in his speech known as “History Will Absolve Me”.  Moreover, we dedicated this demonstration to Fidel, the Generation of the Centenary and Martí´s Youth Movement, which is celebrating its 30th Anniversary according to José ÁngelFernández, FEU Vicepresident.

This leader also expressed that there are not age limits to this encounter with our land, its history, the Revolution and the future, even though the youth are in charge of it. It will be a way to give an early and huge Yes to the New Constitution that will go to a referendum next February 24th.

The demonstration will take place in Santa Ifigenia Cemetery. Our National Hero rests here quite near Fidel, the man who declared him the intellectual author of the attack to the Moncada Garrison, so he would not die in the year of his centenary.

Our young workers and Middle and High Education students and the citizens of Santiago de Cuba will gathertogether so they will answer to the country´s calling and to be with all and for the good of all as Martí dreamed it and Fidel fulfilled it.

The homage to our Apostle will include the children ´s parades that will fill our parks, avenues and squares with their joy, lights, colors, dwarfs princes and black dolls. They, who are the world´s hope, the ones who know how to love, will be present on this day.

This traditional Demonstration will make us to remember the first one. That one which 66 years ago filled the gap between the Colina Universitaria and the Fragua Martiana in Habana.That one which celebrated the Apostle´s centenary and showed the courage of the youth who later on attacked the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Barracks.

By:  Aída Quintero Dip.

Translated by: Ileana Rivera Salazar.


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