Youth and women saying Yes to the new Constitution

Santiago de Cuba, January 31st.- The popular consultation of the new Legislation that will go to a referendum next February 24th mobilized the most creative and committed sector among the Cuban people. They had the one of a kind opportunity to contribute with their different opinions for adapting our main legislation to our historical moment and current conditions.

The youth collaborated with this process in an active and fundamental way. They were aware of their responsibility when debating about the present and the future that belongs to them. Also, they knew their goal is to build a better society “with all and for the good of all”. This is the society that José Martí dreamed of and Fidel Castro fulfilled.

Likewise, women had peculiar leading roles in this process. They are grateful because they were the most privileged class after the Triumph of the Revolution. This society dignified them and then it opened for them a world of opportunities and equal rights to take part in an active way in the different areas of the nation.

Youth and women and other sectors of the society are ready to give a Yes to the New Constitution next February 24th. This is the Law that betters the sense of freedom, justice, prosperity and rights. In that same sense, it offers legitimacy to say Yes in favor of our nation.

According to the jurist Solanch Sánchez, she feels happy for the privilege to be a Cuban woman today. She is in the center of the government´s agenda. This position was held due to the women´ s example at work and in every battle front by showing responsibility, sensitivity and discipline in the different tasks.

She also says we have the responsibility to preserve rights that are already women victories in our nation. However, there are also some challenges for the Federation of Cuban Women that should influence women to have a better legal culture and to be better prepared to understand and participate in order to have an education of respect, social integration and tolerance.

The journalist Bertha Sánchez Viamonte considers that here is just one Revolution from Carlos Manuel de Céspedes to Fidel Castro. In the same way, there is also just one Revolution from Ana Betancourt to Vilma Espín. That is the Revolution to vindicate women and to place them in the front lines for the prosperity of the country.

She also expressed that the right thing to do is to give a Yes to the new Constitution. That is in accordance with the history of the Cuban people. It should be done in favor of socialism, Cuba, our homeland, Fidel and our sons and daughters.

Both young girls are delegates to the X Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) Congress next March in Habana. They are an honorable representation of the women from Santiago in this major event of the organization. They are also pillars of this youth who are true followers of Vilma Espín and Fidel Castro.

A few days ago, more than 200 delegates to the Provincial Assembly for the X FMC Congress expressed their decision to give a Yes to the Constitution. They are filled with the patriotism that is present in the citizens of this land.

That was the answer to the calling of contributing more and in a better way to the development and local progress. This was a conversation with members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC): Lázaro Expósito, First Secretary of the PCC in the province and Beatriz Johnson, Vice-president of the Council of State and President of the Provincial Assembly of People´s Power.

There, Felicita Capote Delgado, senior local leader and combatant, assured that the women today are following the founders´ path. The province had a leading role in the election process of People´s Power. In the same way, it will have a major role next February by ratifying the new Constitution with the majority support.

Recently, Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, President of the National Electoral Commission assured that the constitutional referendum will be a success for Cuban people after giving a positive view to the preparations for this fundamental moment. We will show the openness, truth and ethics that is a characteristic of our nation and our people.

By: Aída Quintero Dip

Translated by: Ileana Rivera Salazar

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